WAVE CRASH is a short experimental video

Filmed in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica and remixed in TouchDesigner and Resolume Arena

The video is part of a series of short clips ‘’The Travels of Atargatis’’ constructed in the form of a daily log/journal entry and takes you into an immersive adventure through imaginary worlds and the thoughts of a lonely creature : Atargatis. She has the complex mind and emotions of a human, but is merged with a powerful AI with unlimited knowledge and capabilities, a practical mind with a mechanical humanoid body. We can feel the weight on her shoulders of the important mission she’s been tasked with by her creator. While she is still full of hope, her profound understanding of the flaws of the human mind makes her doubt that starting fresh on a new planet is a real solution. A journey full of colors, lights and emotions. One of the messages we hope to present in this creation is that human culture needs to go through a deep transformation in order to live in harmony with our environment. 

In a not-so-distant future, earth has ran out of natural resources and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Follow Atargatis, a half-AI half-machine creature on her quest through the universe for new habitable planets. With her we explore fantastics landscapes of mysterious planets with strange fauna and flora, some very close to earth life, some with dangerous dreamy landscapes. While we follow her travels, she shares her thoughts on the situation on earth. One day, she finally finds a new potential beautiful planet with a flourishing eco-system that can accommodate human life. She is torn apart : should she share her discovery and save humanity, but risk destroying this beautiful virgin world that is perfectly balanced? Can humans really change? Or will they just repeat the same mistakes? 

These stories, intimate and touching, also have a sound materiality: space travels, new planets, new creatures, and more. The difficulty of the journey is expressed through a sound creation that is both airy and tense. The sound design that dresses the piece was composed using raw sounds, metallic noises, friction of piano strings, machine noises and impulses to express the difficulty of space travels and the loniless of our hero. The musical score was composed directly in connection with the literary creation which inspired this simple and melancholy theme where there is however a glimmer of hope. 

The video dimension presents several stages of the journey, plunges us into transit and keeps us on the lookout. Initially, melancholy, uncertainty and fear are mixed together, but also a feeling of hope. Elements in warm colors that glow in the shadows.The journey is difficult, full of pitfalls. It is marked by violent contrasts, dazzling lights and a rapid change in the image. We move from one planet to another, we are exploring new envrionnement, from beeing afraid and cold, to a warm and lush vegetation. On the last planet, the visuals slow down to a mix of generative art, playful lighting, and fluid evolving vegetation. The vision of a better future melts away to give space for new emotions. 

  • Visuals = MR.GREY
  • Music = Toma Sound Factory – https://tomasoundfactory.bandcamp.com/